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Legal Stuff

I am me.  Not a doctor, lawyer, veterinarian or pilot.

This is the page that they say I have to have.  I personally believe that everything I have to say here is common sense, but I digress since that is not the world we live in anymore.  This blog is a personal blog.  The words written here are that of my own.  ALL names, dates, places and anything that resembles that of reality have been changed. 


Aspyn Bane is obviously not my real name (I am talking about a psychopath--do you really think I'd use my real identity??)  The photo you see depicting me is the fantastic work of AI, again, for safety reasons.  That said, I claim the words to be my own and strongly suggest you contact me to use the wordage.  All works on this website are copyrighted, and you must obtain expressed written consent prior to usage.   I am NOT in the legal field.  I am NOT a doctor or therapist.  (I am not a veterinarian or a helicopter pilot either, if you were wondering.)  My ideas and suggestions are merely that (from my personal experience) and I shall not be held responsible if you follow my advice and it fails miserably.  Of course, if you succeed, I will accept gratuity in the form of $10s and $20s.   I am just a middle-aged lady trying to find her place in the world while I share my coping mechanisms and experiences.  If you have a medical emergency or are in fear for your life, for heaven's sake call 9-1-1 or whatever the emergency number is where you are.  Order a pizza if you are not alone and can't make that call easily.

My X has not formally been diagnosed as having Narcissist Personality Disorder.  I strongly feel like he does have it, as he has about a million of the traits, but I am NOT a person who can make that diagnosis, so please understand that I throw this term around loosely in reference to him.   Within this same thought, the emotional, psychological, and traumatic experiences I have had are those that strongly resemble documented Narcisstic abuse, but without the formal diagnosis of my abuser, I cannot make that claim.  

I am a God-fearing Christian who tends to stumble in my faith daily.  I believe that the ONLY reason I am still alive today is because Jesus has a plan for me.  I have a mouth that I do try to keep in check, but that fails me sometimes too.  I do not wish to harm or smear anyone's identity.  If you are certain you know "Duncan" I ask that you please respect my privacy and safety and allow me to carry on in the mask of Aspyn.   Isn't it ironic that people can literally hoodwink everyone they come in contact with, and yet we honest ones are here begging for others to help us uphold the mask?  Funny world we live in.

Should there be affiliated links to the site, they will be notated, and you will be made aware. 

Just to be clear, no chess pieces were harmed in the photo shots for my images.  I did not make the pieces nor claim to have invented the game.  I, of course, DO know the game and have played it often. Though I am not a professional, I do believe I have a fair understanding of what each piece does.  My reference to their positions in the game is just that, a reference to them, and I do not mean to depict any plastic piece any wiser than the last.  

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