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Aspyn Bane

A Queen's Quest
for Serenity
amidst the Chaos of a Narcissist

Real talk - not plastic responses for
Narcissistic Abuse Recovery


The ins and outs of Narcissistic Abuse Recovery is nothing short of a wild roller coaster ride...

without a seatbelt...

or a safety bar...

or really anything that would indicate you should have embarked on the adventure in the first place.  Each day is different, each moment is different, and with each step you make forward or get knocked back, you are certain the next one will take you out altogether.  I am here to talk real and to help you to embrace the suck. 

I am so, so excited to purchase a home of my own and complete all of the projects that I have littered my Pinterest pages with. I believe that I can conquer any project with the help of YouTube and my own intelligence.

Though I relied heavily on X to do the contractual part of our marital home, my design aspects brought each piece to light. Of course, I won't have the luxury of said person's brute going forward, but my love of transformation makes me so excited for those projects!

Recovery is not just about healing the wounds of the past. It is also about discovering your true potential and embracing your inner strength. I am currently undergoing intense training and certification through school to legally help others overcome their abuse trauma. Once I obtain those certifications, I will offer my services.


My X has not formally been diagnosed as having Narcissist Personality Disorder.  I strongly feel like he does have it, as he has about a million of the traits, but I am NOT a person who can make that diagnosis, so please understand that I throw this term around loosely in reference to him.   Within this same thought, the emotional, psychological, and traumatic experiences I have had are those that strongly resemble documented Narcisstic abuse, but without the formal diagnosis of my abuser, I cannot make that claim. 

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